Scrubs Car & Dog Wash 3135 SW 42nd Street Gainesville, FL 32608

Scrubs for Pups

Just $10 for 10 minutes

Our easy to access Dog Wash uses all natural Tropiclean soaps to get your pup clean in a safe and friendly environment! Payment options:

  • Credit Cards
  • Cash
  • Coins
  • Scrubs Tokens

Touch4Wash Membership Package

$24.95 per Month

Download the Touch4Wash app and start saving today! With our $24.95 Dog Wash Membership Package, you get four 20-minute dog washes per month.

Simply download the Touch4Wash app, find Scrubs, then select our monthly dog wash membership to save big on your dog washes! Receive a $10 credit for new accounts plus $5 credits for new referrals.

  • Touch4Wash App


Easy Access

Dogs easily step up into wash area - no need for dog steps or lifting.

Hair Free Non Slip Floor

Clean and safe.

Rotary Switch/Dial

6 Wash Cycles: Select between Very Berry Shampoo, Opti-Neem Flea and Tick Shampoo, Kiwi Conditioner, Rinse and Blow Dryer and Disinfecting Rinse for the wash tub.

Intelligent Digital Timer

Scrolling instructions, displays last minute in seconds, can add additional money up to 20 seconds after time expires - ease of use

High & Low Speed Dryer

Warm air and turbo dry option will accelerate drying time.

Proudly using Tropiclean!

Give your pet a gorgeous coat with natural ingredients for a tropical clean.

We are proud to serve you with products that contain good, naturally sourced, wholesome ingredients. You can rest easy knowing that our ingredients provide the healthy choices your family deserves. We have made it a point to show off our ingredients, their purpose and source in both our grooming products and treats.


  • Sourcing

    We strive to use high quality ingredients produced by nature and sourced in the United States.

  • Manufacturing

    Our commitment to healthy products also extends to our impact on the environment. We make a concerted effort to minimize that impact through our reduce, reuse, recycle efforts.

  • Packaging

    Our products have led the pet industry in eco-friendly packaging being the first to introduce 100% biodegradable package elements.