Scrubs Car & Dog Wash 3135 SW 42nd Street Gainesville, FL 32608

Car Wash Bays


Our self-service carwash bays offer everything you need to drive away looking your best. Easy payment options allow you to drive up and get busy with no hastle. Payment options:

  • Credit Cards
  • Cash
  • Coins
  • Scrubs Tokens

Touch4Wash Membership Package

$24.95 per Month

Download the Touch4Wash app and start saving today! With our $24.95 Self Service Membership Package, you get ten 15-minute washes per 30 days.

Simply download the Touch4Wash app, find Scrubs, then select our self-service membership to save big on your monthly car washes! Receive a $10 credit for new accounts plus $5 credits for new referrals.

  • Touch4Wash App


Tire and Engine Cleaner

Fast-Acting Nitro Blend Wheel and Tire Cleaner — Nitro Blast is a concentrated, fast-acting, high foaming tire and wheel cleaner

Bug Remover

The best remover on the market today! Fast-acting solvent blend quickly penetrates and liquifies insect remains. Product rinses easily and freely. Safe for all finishes when used at proper dilution.

Low Pressure Pre-Soak

Provides excellent cleaning and high foam

High Pressure Soap

High pressure soap penetrates and loosens road soil and bug residues without scrubbing.

Foaming Brush

Our hog’s hair brushes will not scratch your vehicle. Our specialized grape ape shampoo will penetrate and loosen road soil and bug residue.

High Pressure Rinse

Removes Wheel/Tire Cleaner, Bug Remover and Pre-Soak, helps prep the vehicle for the Triple Shine and Clear Coat Treatments

PolyShell TripleRinse

Kleer Kote Sealer Wax is an excellent protectant designed for rapid water beading

Clear Coat Protectant

Scented wax blast formula contains a blend of protectants that leaves a high shine on vehicle surface. Fast beading and pleasant scent.

Spot Free Rinse

Spot-Free water will rinse away all residual chemical and city or mineral laden water (including reclaim water) and allow the entire vehicle including all glass, chrome and painted areas to dry perfectly Spot-Free!



A clean car doesn't stop at a spotless exterior. Give your car the clean it deserves with our 3 vacuum offerings. Whether you need a high power super vacuum for tough to reach dirt, a shampoo unit to get rid of troublesome stains, or a fresh new scent to go along with your fresh look, we have what you need!


  • 8 Super Vacuums

    Choose any of these high power vacuums and make cleaning those hard to reach areas of your floorboard a breeze.

  • 2 Vacuum and Shampoo Combo Units

    These Vacuums feature a spot removal and shampoo system to get rid of those troublesome stains and bring new life to your cars interior.

  • 2 Vacuum and Fragrance Combo Units

    Drive away with your car looking and smelling as fresh as the day you bought it. Fragrances: Wild Cherry, Baby Powder, New Car, Pina Colada, Strawberry, Vanilla.